spreitzer (f) collection
fünf elemente

synergy of elements

Controllable flaming objects — played out affectionately, enchantingly, thrillingly, pleasantly, excitingly and lively — fire dresses of harmonical natural materials.

Dressed fire in synergy of elements, our overall concept for realising our personal imaginations.

symbol feuer


Drug for the eyes with feel-good character

For the viewer this emotionally expressive element becomes a source of energy. Fire gives not only light and warmth, it is also activating, regenerating and ratcheting. Fire, the activator of the senses — the echo of primitive times.

Fire, our creative element for emotions.

symbol metall


Cocoon for shape at its very best

Flexible and integrable, living dynamic you can touch, body and coat for a fire world and flame wights — whether indoor or outdoor, whether high quality steel, brass, copper, gold, silver, diamond or ruby — personal favourites, the practicability and the compilation are deciding. Metal, “hot couture” for the individual style.

Metal, our forming element for beauty.

symbol wasser


Balance with finesse

Inspiring and relaxing at the same time. A cleaning and reassessing power for everything unbalanced. Floating in its move and smoothing for some wave of fire — to equalize the unequal is a mere child’s play — well received as a supplementary accessoire. Water, a fount of clarity, wherever it is possible..

Water, our balancing element for clearness.

symbol holz


Vibes of liveliness

Felxible and flammable, soothing and balancing as a crackling body, Convertible as a nutriment in the sea of flames, a raw material of the old and modern times. Wood, the condition for passion.

Wood, our harmonizing element of desire.

symbol erde


Symbol for steadiness

Guarantor for life, stabilising donator of energy. terra is gas, protected by a protective coat, covered and invisible, nutrition and energy for everything that flames. The reason for sparkling eyes and director for every scene. Natural gas, a fluid for ecstasy.

Terra, our powering element for charisma.