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Spreitzer GmbH - Gebäudeansicht

The company: Spreitzer GmbH

Since 1948

Spreitzer ltd. has been a family business for over 60 years and owner operated for generations; situated in “Venice of Bavaria”, the European city with three rivers flowing through it, Passau, Germany.


spreitzer f collection

What we create

creator of hot couture — »Master of flames«
Spreitzer GmbH – Manufactures collections of controllable flaming products – creator and designer of mobile, non mobile and individually designed pieces for outdoor and, if possible, for indoor use. We create torches, illuminants and warming devices as unicums.

The fullfilment of individual dreams
A basic principle and our mission, realisable by strategy and planning, developement, realization and supervision – this is our day-to-day business.

Use of self-developed techniques
Fully developed, multi-tested and –applied, certified by the German Technical Control Board, compatible and constantly improved – applied our longlasting experience cooperates here with progress and the spirit of research.

Let design leave its mark on
Bringing together technique, design and any type of environment – based on the five elements: Fire, water, metal, terra and wood – we call it “the synergy of elements”.

How we see ourselves and the “We for You”

A company with people for people
Reliable, precise, disciplined, on time, serious and however humorous.

fünf elemente

synergy of elements

Technique is not everything

Flaming creations with a sense of well-being through the coaction of the different elements of our earth – technique and design, for it’s only the peak of the volcan.

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