spreitzer (f) collection
Gas Torches

Dancing flames — you have the choice — ground or wall fastening. Cosiness begins here with adjustable beauty. This also means that there is no obligation for design and material – we offer design examples.

Heating up — whether standard or individual design, you got the firmly fixed crowed puller.contact


Wall Fastening

High-Quality Steel
Adjustable – Fastening on walls, canopies, columns, nearly everything is possible, just everywhere. The central control and the Using of several torches by a central gas supply and a central control system offers diverse possibilities for incredible effects. This type of torch is a fantastic eye-catcher for what should be seen. Multiple utilizability by individual adaptions. This torch is an example for design and material with its length of 140 cms.


Ground installation, Socket installation

Enviers come along, in their faces you see a “WOW” – everybody who experiences this feels like on an exciting date – an enduring impression is guaranteed; some claim it appears recurrent in dreams, as if it was a model made in a dream factory. This product is expressive and changeable in material and function like all the other products of the spreitzer f collection. An "investment" of which everybody profits who sees it.


Torch Heads

Quick – Change Artists
»It seems as if a milliner has been at work for these torch heads«.
To see: A module series of standard torch heads. To have: Flexibility in shape, design and material — individual desires come true.
Standard torch heads — changeable. The adequate torch body is produced according to your wishes and imaginations — assembly of torch heads is also possible for already existent torches and constructions.