spreitzer (f) collection

Sample Case

Experience the magnetism of flames

Sample case – this is our mobile way to show you the imposing impact of a torch asset – touching it, being astonished and let the flames work on you.

There is something we can give away already now, the blazing effect after ignition has got the attractive force of a »hot live show« — the dancing flame, surrounded by a multitude of spectators, this is not seldom. This great experience becomes a must-have.


Our intentions

Presenting and Convincing

Demonstration of flame techniques
Technique of a fully automated electric torch head.

Presentation of a basic
The body of a torch, fragmented and quickly assembled – of simple design and high quality steel.


Now it is your turn

You think about decorating your interior or exterior with a very special give-away – whether hotels, wellness areas, swimming pools, museums, exhibitions, mansions, stately houses or gardens - we would love to show you our various possibilities in techniques. We develop creative possibilities according to your individual desires.

We look forward to your interest and your approach. contact