spreitzer (f) collection
Gas Torches for Outside

A hightlight becomes highlife for everybody around. Independent of any kind of situation – private or business, borealis or desert wind, sun or snow. Even the assembley – it´s a mere child´s play. It can be cleaned easily and due to high quality steel corrosion is impossible.
Even uninvited guests like insects stay far away. And: Product safety is our policy.

Flaming up — wheather standard- or individual design, the flickering charisma gives you a sense of well-being and comfort.contact


Fireplace – on wheels

Gas torch with a bottle case – flame behind glass
Any room, any terrace, any balcony and any location gets comforting fireplace spirit – next to a table the baseplate is nearly equal in height. Whether “flamelet or flame” – behind glass it feels good and you´ll feel good as well. 150cms high, 47cms wide and mobile by wheels. Manually adjustable – the size of the flame according to your wish. Our example for a mobile gas torch in the style of a fireplace. Fire field with formed mat and stones. Powered by a bottle of liquid gas (LPG) in the bottle case – a model with the name: Kulmbach.


Ground torch and wall torch

Gas torch with gas cartridge — it`s universally applicable.
The headhigh torch is suitable for outdoors and for high indoor rooms. With a supporting foot stuck into the ground or fixed on the wall – according to your wishes. The gas cartridge is in the upper part of the torch and can be changed in just a few easy steps. Here you can see the example in stainless steel. The model called Merlin.


Made of high quality steel – the adjustable II

Gas torch with a bottle case
Pipe of torch collateral or central. Robust, manually adjustable, 2 elegant meters of precious material. Our example for mobile gas torches with a standard head and standard tilt protection. Powered by a bottle of liquid gas (LPG) in the bottle case, 5kg or 11 kg. Approx. 0,4 kg/h consumption. Thermoelectric safety, easy to maintain, corrosion-resistant, easy to set up and elaborate safety. Individual adjustments are possible – we don´t have to think about solutions any longer, we already got them. It can be used outdoors, in the garden and beer garden, on a terrace or an entrance area – get inspired by your own ideas.


Of Fireclay

A whiff of the South
Different in shape and design – Similar in the approved technique. A mediterranean flair is preassigned. This model measures 130 cms from head to toe and looks great with its slim silhouette.