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Gas grills and equipment

Natural or liquid gas, barbecue on the ski lodge, in the garden or on the beach – you have the choice and the pleasure.

For any kind of event you will find the adequate accessory, whether barbecue cutlery in your case for Arabian desert parties or a grill for an Asian dinner – just tell us your wishes. We would love to find the right equipment for you.contact


Gas grills

Hot stone, also with more flames
Gas grills in various designs and for different demands.

Example for:

Grill with 2 flames (gas)

Grill with 3 flames (gas)

and soapstone grill (gas).


Gas grill equipment

Example accessory
Whether a grills top or a case including equipment for the preparation of meals – ideal accessory means: simply light up and to look forward to the effect.

Example accessory:

Cooking set, Wok set

Barbecue case