spreitzer (f) collection
Event Torches

A highlight for special occasions – this is not a model of flesh and blood, it is rather a mixture of excitement, amazement and a great experience in the form of fluids – gas firing with technical show effects.

Individuality, a must-see — we find out the possible.contact


Festival of the dragons

Harmony of the elements
Phoenix – the symbol for joy. The dragon, in the role of a guardian, gives a feeling of security. The brazier, the output of energy, the crown — the base, the source of energy, the sign of the four elements fire, earth, water and air. Surface corrosion is the effect we want the material to have. Created for admiring visitors — in this case one of the greatest attractions in a leisure park.


Variety of materials

Example: Event Torch
Amazement is already preassigned. Whether manually or fully automated, technique and design form a unit. Production in synergy of the environment, plug-in in no time, quick set-up — coupling makes it quick and easy. You have got freedom of decision — in shape and material, design and technique. No matter if mobile or non mobile, if cast iron or precious metal. If high or broad flame, if flickering candle or fire-spitting dragon — security is always included.



Legend versus reality
A myth, a creature, recreated by the humans of the present time — everything fire-spitting has been brought to life ... for all the fantasy travellers. A mobile or non mobile event torch — this is an example for producibility of shape, design, material and technique.