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Hand Torches

A sign for peace and connection – a spectacle, a ceremony. Independent from place or occasion. Such a torch appeals everybody at any age and leads to antique mind games. Idea:
We are sure — the ability to work in a team in sports, in your free time and at work can be tested until the extinction of the flame. Even a company party becomes something really special, the winner will soon turn out — only a nice idea from us.

To allow full bent to the design of the torch — we carry every order with dignity and would like to pass the torch on to you.contact


Mix of Materials

Hand Torch - an example for material and design

Here rules inventiveness. Concerning the design everything is possible. We welcome challenges. As an example we show a simple construction of high quality steel — copper and high quality steel-brass — let the pictures speak by themselves.


Of High Quality Steel

Taking Part is everything

A hand torch, constructed for the childrens’ sprint at the Olympic Games in June 23. - 25., 2004 (EWE-Athletics), on the occasion of the XXVIII. Olympic Games 2004 in Athens.