spreitzer (f) collection

Production by handcraft — quality and extravagance meet each other right here. Synergy of elements becomes reality. The solution for beauty can be found in nature - together a masterpiece for the environment of man is generated.




Steel and Glass
The torch giants, which are over three metres high proudly illuminate the promenade. A chain of lights, which not only invites tourists to stroll along the promenade. Robust steel joins glass.


»Tiger Lily in flames«

Fire and Water
An exemplary model for eternity is the copied shape of a rare flower. Made of fire for fire – cooled with water. Natur gave us an example, the “Tiger Lily” flames controlled.


»The lord of the castle pays his respect«

The craft of forging and bending
Medieval highlights in the modern environment, we covered the span between. Outstanding not only in height, also in the proper ambiance – castles, palaces, stately houses or mansions, festivals and just everywhere you love to be.


»Antiquity becomes Reality«

Modular mix of materials
Being thrown back into long-forgotten times – inspired by the beauty and inscrutability of Cleopatra , exemplary shaped by Ceasar’s power – affixed but also modular, also adequate for the modern as to be seen in the mix of materials – Old times and Today become one.